We at PROTRACK (formerly Profilreifen24 GmbH) have been active in motor sports since 2001 and live the business with wheels, tires and events.

It is our claim to offer our customers the highest possible quality at a fair price - out of love for cars and motor sports.

For this reason the wheel brand PROTRACK was created in 2017. Here the enthusiasm and passion of PROTRACK GmbH are fused with the know-how and meticulousness of a renowned design and development office to create light and stable light alloy wheels. Wheels that not only give pleasure in motor sports, but also in road traffic due to their TÜV certification.

Our goal is to always offer our customers the best product.
If the market cannot provide this, we have to develop this product ourselves.
The PROTRACK wheels brand was born out of this claim.

Christoph Penisch | CEO PROTRACK GmbH
  • FEM analysis

    FEM Analyse ONE

    With the finite element method, different situations of daily use can be simulated already during the design phase.

    This makes it possible to work out the final design from the design draft and optimize power-to-weight ratio and material usage.

    In this way, we ensure that you not only have a lightweight wheel at your disposal, but also a stable one that masters all everyday situations effortlessly.
    At the same time a reduction of the rotating masses brings advantages in performance and consumption.


  • CAD


    The DNA of a light alloy wheel is already determined in the early design and development phase.

    It goes without saying that our development and engineering office with over 25 years of international motorsport experience uses state-of-the-art software, in order to achieve an optimum combination of strength and weight for each individual wheel.

    The testing for the various RDK systems of various manufacturers is also carried out automatically within a short time.


Spectrum analysis

By means of spectral analysis, the material composition of the aluminum alloy of each batch is checked for any deviations. Only primary alloys from reputable suppliers are used.


Our wheels are not only road-approved by the TÜV, but have to prove themselves daily on the racetracks of this world.

This requires a metal structure that is as free of blowholes and pores.

After casting, our wheels are inspected in fully automatic X-ray testing facilities and, if necessary, sorted out and recycled.


Immediately after casting, the blank undergoes the next quality control.

X-rays scan the wheel for so-called blowholes, pores and cracks. Blowholes are tiny cavities in the material.

CNC machining

Structure Optimizing Mechanical Machining is a precise automated process in which the material irrelevant to wheel strength is removed on CNC-controlled machines. The areas in question are already defined in the early development phase.

This saves weight, which quickly affects the performance of a vehicle, especially in the case of rotating masses.


In order to withstand the daily environmental influences in summer and winter as best as possible, our wheels are mechanically cleaned and powder-coated after mechanical processing.

The layers consist of primer, base coat and the final clear coat. This guarantees not only an optically beautiful surface, but also the highest possible protection against mechanical (e.g. stone chipping) and chemical effects (e.g. road salt).

Concentricity test

Especially in motor sports it is important to deliver the highest possible precision in all components.

That's why all our wheels are inspected before and after the painting for their concentricity, as well as for their radial runout and lateral runout.

Flow Forming

In Flow Forming, the rim bed of the cast blank is rolled out under the influence of heat in an additional production step.

The material is compacted by the rolling out process, which gives it greater strength and stability. This allows smaller wall thicknesses to be achieved in the rim bed, which of course also has a positive effect on the weight of the wheel.

Since there is a significant weight advantage, especially with larger wheel widths, we offer our wheels from a width of 9.5 inches as Flow Forming models.

Subaru BRZ des Teams roots.racing auf PROTRACK ONE während der VLN
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