Permitted use of the press area

This website gives you access to a download area containing press releases, images and a media archive. Access to the press area and any downloads is only permitted for journalists and press staff and may not be used by persons who do not fulfil this access requirement. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you actually belong to the area of journalists or press workers. You are liable to pay compensation for all data, information and images downloaded through the use of the press area which were downloaded without you being part of the journalists' or press workers' area. You will have access to press releases, images and a media archive, for the use of which you will only be granted the authorisations listed below. Copyrights or other proprietary notices contained in the images, captions or other materials on the Site may not be removed. PROTRACK GmbH reserves the right to revoke your authorization to display, download and use the images and the information available on the website at any time. If a permission to use is revoked, you agree not to use any images, information or the website for any purpose whatsoever, and to delete or destroy any images, information or copies thereof on any digital media. If you are requested to do so by PROTRACK GmbH, you may have to return all copies to PROTRACK GmbH. You agree to cease using the images and information immediately if PROTRACK GmbH requests you to do so.

Use of the pictures

Every use of the picture material of PROTRACK GmbH is subject to these conditions. The image material, data and information of PROTRACK GmbH are, unless otherwise agreed, only released for use by journalists and press staff. The electronic storage of image data, data transmission and any other duplication are only permitted within the framework of normal production processes and for the duration of the lawful and intended use.

Changes to the conditions

PROTRACK GmbH reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice. These conditions represent the entire agreement between PROTRACK GmbH and you in connection with the use of this website, data, information and images.

Data protection

The user is hereby informed, in accordance with data protection regulations, that the personal data provided upon registration for the press distribution list will be stored, processed and used exclusively for the purpose for which the user has indicated this in machine-readable form, unless consent has been given for another type of use. PROTRACK GmbH is entitled to collect, process, store and use the user's personal data on the use of the service, insofar as this is necessary to enable the user to make use of this service. Consequently, if the user registers with PROTRACK GmbH for the press distribution list, the data given there will be collected, stored and processed for the purpose of operating the present service of PROTRACK GmbH. Furthermore, PROTRACK GmbH is entitled to access these data in order to maintain its operational capability. PROTRACK GmbH guarantees the confidential treatment of this data. PROTRACK GmbH, for its part, undertakes, within the framework of the data protection regulations, to use the data of the user which becomes known to it from the user relationship only for the fulfilment of the purposes of these General Terms and Conditions, subject to consent given elsewhere, to maintain data secrecy and to obligate its employees accordingly, insofar as this is required by law. Consents can be revoked by the user at any time for the future. In addition, the usage agreement can be terminated, the data will then be deleted in its entirety at PROTRACK GmbH.